We help ambitious behavioural science students
create and host online experiments easily

Easy-to-use graphical interface - no coding necessary.

Collect behavioural data with accurate reaction times.

Build for free. Pay per respondent.

Hit The Ground Running

Say goodbye to hours of frustration getting your study to work, weeks of face-to-face testing and stressful all-nighters. Whether you're studying for your undergrad, masters or PhD, Gorilla enables you to run studies online quickly and easily.

Create questionnaires, build tasks and design experiments all within our clear, intuitive, graphical interface. No coding required.

Build your tasks
and questionnaires
Design your experiment Configure your recruitment Relax Download your data

Hannah Betts

PhD Student, University College London

"Gorilla is designed for psychologists, so it has all the relevant options. I've found it really easy to use and very flexible."

Reach For The Stars

You've worked hard to get to where you are. Gorilla removes the stumbling blocks and lets your scientific skills shine through.


Configure your experiment and deploy it to the world instantly. With access to a planetful of online participants ready to take part, you can collect your data in a fraction of the time it would take in the lab.


Say goodbye to underpowered studies. Gorilla enables you to recruit far larger participant numbers, so you can be sure that you're seeing real effects.


Stop being WEIRD. Need more diverse participants? Or looking to study a specific demographic? Use Gorilla's seamless integration with recruitment services such as Prolific, MTurk and SONA to reach diverse or specific populations and meet your recruitment goals.

Who is using Gorilla?

Alex Hendry

PhD Student, Kings College London

"Gorilla lets me take my experiments online quickly and efficiently. The clear and straightforward interface allows me to map out the logic of my experimental designs, whilst its modular nature helps me to build and test components as I go. Taking my research online will dramatically increase my sample size, and help me to reach groups under-represented in my field."

Light The Fuse

Gorilla is free to start using - you only pay to collect data from participants. You can sign up and start building your experiment today.

Gorilla's pay per participant model makes small studies very affordable - to recruit 20 participants costs less than a round of drinks.

Undergraduate Projects

Masters Dissertation

PhD Thesis

Aimee Wilde

PhD Student, University of Middlesex

"As a Behavioural Economics MSc student studying an intensive one year course alongside full-time work, Gorilla has been invaluable. I have no idea how I would have setup my experiment without the platform and its amazing team! It’s really great to use whatever level your coding skills are. If you know a little bit of css/html, you can use this in the main Task Editor to customise existing templates. If you’re more advanced, the Code Editor interface gives you great flexibility in using html/javascript etc. so you can really push your experimental design forward."

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