Gorilla Studio: Behav­iour­al Science Con­sul­tan­cy Services

We can provide a range of ser­vices to suit any budget. Aca­d­e­mics typ­i­cal­ly hire us to help with a tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­tion of a project. For com­mer­cial clients we’re often includ­ed at the exper­i­men­tal design stage, and can also take on the data analy­sis and write up. This page is a show­case of projects we have done in the past — if you want to learn more about using Gorilla for com­mer­cial reseach, click here.

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Con­sult­ing Projects

A col­lec­tion of video show­cas­ing some of our con­sul­tan­cy and com­mer­cial projects are shown below.  Some­times we can’t share the fin­ished product, so what we’ve shared is the pro­to­type or proof of concept.

UX / UI Demo

Here a series of web­pages are repli­cat­ed and we can track how par­tic­i­pants nav­i­gate them.  The same tech­nique can be use to test and opti­mise mes­sag­ing — by seeing which mes­sages people click a ‘find out more’ button.  Or to opti­mise price lists by iden­ti­fy­ing which fea­tures are most impor­tant and many more use cases besides!

Shop Builder Demo

A new tool for cre­at­ing online shop­ping expe­ri­ences to research pricing, labelling, swaps and more

Journey Demo

Ques­tion­naires solicit explic­it opin­ions from par­tic­i­pants. To get a better measure of how par­tic­i­pants behave, a journey elic­i­ta­tion tool can be used to measure par­tic­i­pants deci­sions. By chang­ing the images, choices and promtps, the journey elic­i­ta­tion tool can be used to under­stand deci­sion process­es in a wide range of circumstances.

Reveal Demo

Here a webpage is repli­cat­ed within Gorilla, but some of the infor­ma­tion is hidded. Par­tic­i­pants are given a budget to reveal infor­ma­tion and then make a deci­sion. The metrics show what infor­ma­tion is shown and the deci­sion made. Read a spot­light inter­view about one study com­plet­ed using this methodology.

Biomax Project

Nikhil Sharma at UCL com­mis­sioned us to create a series of games that could be used to measure the change in motor func­tion over time. These games would be played on a tablet and are each design to measure a dif­fer­ent aspect of motor function.

Gam­i­fied Reading Diary App

All Gorilla tasks can be deployed as an app. Here a code task — that seeks to measure and get teenagers to read more — is shown. Each week that stu­dents meet their target, they get another clue to solve the murder mystery.

Trea­sure Game

The trea­sure game is used to assess and pro­vid­ed reme­di­at­ing train­ing to chil­dren with devel­op­men­tal lan­guage disorders.

Exec­u­tive Func­tion Project

Niko Stein­bas at UCL com­mis­sion us to create a series of go-nogo games that could be used to train exec­u­tive func­tion. These games are designed to be played by kids over 8 weeks with the games con­stant­ly adapt­ing to the players level of ability.

Fun Maths: Number Beads

The number beads game devel­ops addi­tion and sub­trac­tion maths skills in primary school kids. The minimal artwork is by design — to allow chil­dren to only focus on the maths. This game has been trialed in several countries.

Fun Maths: Fractions

The number rods game devel­ops frac­tions maths skills in primary school kids. The minimal artwork is by design — to allow chil­dren to only focus on the maths. This game is being devel­oped as part of a joint project with the Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion­in Singapore.

Direc­tor Task

Classic psy­cho­log­i­cal tasks can be pre­sent­ed in a way that is more engag­ing by build­ing them in the Gorilla Game Editor. Here the Direc­tor task that assess­es Theory of Mind is shown.

The Hive

A research plat­form for study­ing how groups of people think, feel and behave togeth­er in groups. Find out more about The Hive.

Con­sul­tan­cy Services

We can provide a range of ser­vices to suit any budget from help with exper­i­men­tal design and imple­men­ta­tion and includ­ing data analy­sis and write up.

Or you can use the Gorilla tooling, but keep all the work in house.

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