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Gorilla is revolutionary

"Gorilla is revolutionary for us because it gives us access to customer intentions and behavioural insights that you can’t get with survey data. Its flexible features and expert developers make an enormous range of designs and subjects possible to study, which is key when working across sectors that have different challenges."

Dr Adam Flitton

Chief Behavioural Scientist, Hill + Knowlton

UI/UX Research

  • Simulate a series of webpages and measure how participants navigate them
  • Test and optimise messaging by measuring how many participants click a particular button
  • Optimise prices by identifying which features are most important

Navigation Research

  • Go beyond surveys and measure a participant's navigation through a space
  • Customise locations and paths
  • Offer choices and prompts to measure and understand decision making

Consumer Research

  • Build a customised shop with your own products and prices
  • Add labels, adverts, swaps and promotions
  • Analyse your participants' purchases to gain insights into consumer behaviour

Hidden Information Decision Making

  • Hide areas of interest and measure what your participants choose to reveal
  • Constrain participants with a budget to force them to prioritise
  • Investigate which pieces of information inform your participants' choices


  • Allow participants to interact in real time and synchronise their responses between them
  • Enable your participants to communicate directly with text and video chat
  • Measure how your participants interact and how their actions affect each other

Trail Making

  • Allow your participants to create a trail between two waypoints
  • Capture the sequence that they create
  • Investigate how your participants navigate a space or connect different concepts

Social Media Simulations

  • Create social media posts for your participants
  • Capture likes, comments, shares and other reactions
  • Measure how your participants interact with social media content
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