Build your own
online shop

  • Add your own products and pricing
  • Configure labels, swaps, promotions and other nudges
  • Measure what your participants buy
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Shop Builder In 90 Seconds

  • Simulate a real-world shopping experience
  • Add your own customisable products and prices
  • Easily configure labelling, taxes, swaps and more

Intuitive Interface

Building your experimental shop is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet

  • Upload a spreadsheet of products in one click
  • Configure experimental conditions with labels, pricing alterations, swaps, promotions and more
  • Combine with questionnaires to create your full research protocol
Infographic showing A/B testing shop basket with different participant groups.

Participant Recruitment

Collect data from large diverse samples - in hours, not months

  • Integrates with Prolific, CloudResearch, Sona Systems and other recruitment platforms
  • Create a link to share via email or social media
  • Collect data easily from participants in the lab
Infographic demonstrating recruiting large samples of participants, with clear indication of recruitment process, and email notifications on completion.
Photo of Hayley Downee

Upload a CSV with all the stimuli and images, and boom - you have a shop!

"I got really excited when I found Shop Builder because it was the solution to all my problems! It’s so easy to use. You upload a CSV with all the stimuli and images, and details. And boom, you have a shop - and it works!"

Hayley Downee

Graduate Student, Stein Lab, Virginia Tech


All the customisation you need

Identify nudges that brands and governments could introduce to address health and environmental challenges.

Become a more efficient researcher, one (healthy) snack-sized tutorial at at time.

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Photo of Gareth Harvey

Shop Builder enables research that previously required large budgets

"Shop Builder gives us an opportunity to do things that, unless you have very large budgets, you would just never be able to achieve."

Gareth Harvey

Director of Consumer Psychology, DECIDE

Data Output

Get beautifully structured data that's easy to work with

  • Easily load your data into Excel, SPSS, R or your stats package of choice
  • Well-structured CSV data output
  • Download your data in long form or short form
Infographic demonstrating how raw data output of Gorilla is easy to analyse, aggregate and graph

You can use Shop Builder
to answer questions like:

Photo of Pasquale Rummo

Shop Builder is a godsend

"Shop Builder looks professional and realistic, so it increases the generalizability of our results. It’s also easy to use. To be honest, it’s a godsend!"

Pasquale Rummo

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health, NYU

Mixed Methods Research

Explore Gorilla's full range of academic research tools

Designed for the way your work unfolds

Gorilla gives labs, departments and research teams the power to address their research questions at scale

Easy Collaboration

Move your work forward quickly - with tools that make it easy to share your work for review, delegate experiment admin, and create shared libraries of pre-approved resources

Version Control

Explore new ideas with confidence, knowing your work saves automatically. You can't break it or lose your work. And you can make changes quickly - even after you've lanched your study

Code Editor

Want to add your own code without managing a whole server? Gorilla is a no-code experiment builder, but those who prefer the option can easily add scripts to extend the tools

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One Tool For All Your Teaching

  • Help your students collect publishable data independently - without getting bogged down in code
  • Teach all your research methods with one intuitive platform - with tools designed for teaching
  • Make experimental psychology fun and accessible

Read about using Gorilla for teaching

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A Much Richer Learning Experience

"What we've managed to do with Gorilla is give students the tools and templates to make their own experiments, with minimal supervision. Students can go out and test a hypothesis via social media. Results flood in from all over the world, and they're creating this incredible range of studies. It's a much richer learning experience."

Dr Daniel Richardson

Senior Lecturer, UCL

No compromises on ethics, privacy, security or compliance

Gorilla is approved by 300+ universities worldwide

Hosted in the EU

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Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Conformant with WCAG 2.1 Level AA. VPAT available.

Fully GDPR and BPS (The British Psychological Society) compliant

Easy application to your Internal Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Committee

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When you’re satisfied you can measure what you want to measure, choose from academia-friendly pricing tiers, to host and start collecting data.

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