Office Hours


Are you a current user of Gorilla? Do you want to learn more about what’s pos­si­ble for your research, or would you benefit from some expert coach­ing to get unstuck?

Join Dr Ash­leigh John­stone and Dr Catri­ona Silvey for an infor­mal session, where we field your ques­tions about Gorilla tools and about online research in general. This is a new, exper­i­men­tal format we’re trying, so we would love to learn more about how we can make it most useful for you!

“It was very easy to get in touch with the mas­ter­minds behind Gorilla. They are very friend­ly people with lots of ideas and resources. This session just saved a lot of my time. If I will ever get stuck with my exper­i­men­t’s idea, I will def­i­nite­ly book a place again.”

“Friend­ly and helpful staff all around. No ques­tion is a silly question.”

You can book a place at our next Office Hours session using the cal­en­dar below: