Behavioural Science
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Behavioural Science
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For behavioural researchers who wish to capture human behaviour online, Gorilla collects data faster, cheaper and more easily.

Accurate reaction times

Intuitive point-and-click interface

Randomisation, counterbalancing and branching


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Link questionnaires and tasks together using our intuitive, drag-and-drop tree interface.

Use powerful control nodes to add counterbalancing, randomisation and branching to your experiment.

The result: a well-controlled experiment without touching a line of code.


Author questionnaires to collect consent, demographic information and any other questions you may have for your participants.

Create your questionnaire by selecting from our wide selection of widgets. The live preview ensures you know exactly what your questionnaire will look like and how it will behave.

Store responses as embedded data to query them in branch nodes later in your experiment tree.


Design sophisticated tasks using our intuitive interface.

Lay out the task and trial structure using our point-and-click interface and then specify the trial content via a spreadsheet.

Present text, images, audio and video clips. Provide feedback based on accuracy. Collect key presses, button clicks, reaction times, and many more response options!

Recruit Participants

Recruit your own participants, or integrate seamlessly with or Sona Systems.

Monitor your participants' progress through your experiment from the participant dashboard.

Reach your participants more easily than ever using our automated emailing tools.

Download Your Data

Download your data in csv format from the results dashboard. From there you can follow your normal workflow be that in Excel, SPSS, R or any other package. Performance data has one trial per line for easy pivoting in Excel.

Participant and performance data is downloaded separately in compliance with BPS guidelines.

Share Your Creations

Share your work with colleagues and collaborators.

Encourage replications by publishing your experiments, tasks and questionnaires for use by the scientific community.

Bolster your grant applications by mocking up a few trials of your novel task as a live demonstration.

Write Your Own Code

Or, if you’d rather code your task yourself, then use our online JavaScript Editor. This gives you all the freedom you need to develop any task, diagnositic test, or educational game.

You can even integrate third party libraries (JSPsych, voice recognition, feature detection) to collect novel data.


See it in action


Who is using Gorilla?

Dr Daniel Richardson, Reader, UCL

Using Gorilla for undergraduate teaching

We used Gorilla as an integral part of our 1st and 2nd year undergraduate teaching of Research Methods. Though entirely new to psychology, by the end of their first month 1st year students were able to create stimuli and design experiments to test their own hypotheses, using modified versions of the Implicit Attitudes Test. This hands on experience of experimental design and data interpretation generated insightful learning conversations about process of empirical psychology.

This experience would typically not be available to psychology students until the lab component of the 2nd year of their course, but with Gorilla, we were able to build it in to the class room from the outset. The students investigated 26 primary hypotheses of their own creation from social stereotypes connected to downs’ syndrome to implicit attitudes towards people of different faiths as well as numerous secondary hypotheses. Running the experiment online via their social networks, the class collected data from over 1500 participants.

Dr Suzanna Forwood, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin

Using Gorilla for research

I use Gorilla to undertake novel research in behavioural health. I can use Qualtrics for surveys, but Gorilla opens up a wider range of behavioural tasks including randomised trials and reaction time behaviour. It is easy to set-up a task for participants to complete at home over the internet, so I can use it to collect useful behavioural data from participants across the UK. I launched a study on Gorilla recently, using the integrated Prolific recruitment option, went to lunch and came back to 400 participant responses.

Dr Kirsty Graham, Postdoc, University of York

Using Gorilla for a student project

I was awarded a grant to use Gorilla for an experiment on the human understanding of great ape gestures. As someone who is more used to studying our furry great ape cousins in the wild, the move to studying humans was made easier by Gorilla’s user-friendly platform and incredibly responsive support staff. We all love that Gorilla™ is hosting an experiment about great apes! The response has been overwhelming – the experiment was picked up by BBC Radio 4 and has spread through social media - so that we’re now at over 10,000 participants! It’s been a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to get into analysing all that data.

Dr Wing C Lau, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Using Gorilla for Perceptual Learning (PL) training

The traditional ways for higher education students to memorize and recall materials in the visual domains (e.g. in Design & Architecture) can be boring and ineffective. We seek to assist students to learn and engage with visual materials more effectively by utilizing Perceptual Learning (PL). PL refers to experience-induced changes in the extraction of information (Eleanor Gibson, 1969) and it forms the basis of expert pattern recognition ability.

Gorilla is a SaaS platform that lets me focus on designing and implementing learning experiments for PL without worrying about the back-end system. It provides a ground for rapid prototyping of various time-sensitive learning activities for PL. A unique advantage of Gorilla is that it provides reliable time indictors to measure participants’ performances effortlessly.


Features and Benefits


Your experiments are accessible online anytime, anywhere on any device. Gorilla is mobile-compatible and touch-ready, so your participants can access your tasks on a wide range of devices.

Intuitively Designed

Our experiment tree tool includes powerful randomisation, counterbalancing and branching nodes, making your experimental design crystal clear.

Rich Configurations

Our task builder can be used to create an incredibly wide range of tasks, from a 2 Way Forced Choice Task to an adaptive Corsi Block Task.


Effortlessly reach large numbers of participants. Seamlessly integrate with Prolific, Sona Systems or other third-party recruitment services to collect your data in record time.

Wide range of stimuli types
Wide range of response options
Microsecond-precision timing
Excel Ready Data
Intuitive task creation tools
Full code editor for advanced users
Built by scientists for scientists
Sharing and collaboration tools
Simple clear pricing
Integration with Prolific and Sona
BPS compliant data security
Teaching tools



"Gorilla is designed for psychologists, so it has all the relevant options. I've found it really easy to use and very flexible."

Hannah Betts, University College London

"Gorilla is quite simply a revolutionary product for the field of psychology. With so much of the field collecting data over the Internet, the unrivalled flexibility of Gorilla to create any behavioural task quickly and easily is invaluable. On top of that, it provides many complex tasks ready-made, as well as integration with many participant pools like SONA and In short, Gorilla really will transform your research and is a fantastic investment."

Alex Jones, Swansea University

"I use Gorilla in my research on typical and atypical social abilities. This combines experimental tasks and questionnaire measures, in a way that is not possible using other platforms. I found the platform intuitive, easily to learn, but also very powerful. And I have also been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and (personalized) support from the Gorilla Team, and believe the platform has potential to be the market leader in online experimentation, both in and outside of academic settings!"

Punit Shah, Kings College London

"Gorilla is a great product providing great value to researchers conducting online experiments. The workflow is very clear and cleverly designed. It is a very efficient, flexible and powerful way of creating online experiments. The user interface is super user-friendly and there is practically no learning curve. Thanks for the great support service, too."

Wing Lau, Xi'an Jiaotong, Liverpool University

"Gorilla lets me take my experiments online quickly and efficiently. The clear and straightforward interface allows me to map out the logic of my experimental designs, whilst its modular nature helps me to build and test components as I go. Taking my research online will dramatically increase my sample size, and help me to reach groups under-represented in my field."

Alexandra Hendry, Kings College London

"I finally had some time to sit through the experiment again yesterday and it looks absolutely amazing! And I’m even more amazed that it took me less than two weeks to set it all up. Thanks for making this possible!"

Eva Poort, University College London


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