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Pricing in Gorilla

Gorilla is priced 'per respondent'. You purchase tokens for your account, and every token allows you to collect data from one participant. It is completely free to create an account and build a study - you only need to pay when you want to collect data. A benefit of this approach is that regardless of how many people are working on a study, and therefore how many researchers in a team are using Gorilla, the fee only changes based on the amount of data collected. So it's cheap for small studies (often students) and more expensive for large studies - which seems fair!

The easiest way to get started with Gorilla is to buy a small number of tokens (e.g. 20) online at the pay-as-you-go rate (£2.00 for commercial research, with considerable discounts for academic and public sector research).

In addition to our pay-as-you-go rates, we offer lab, team and departmental licenses. Find out more about academic subscriptions here.

Purchasing through your department

Option 1:

Make the purchase on a personal credit card, then reclaim it through your department expenses system.

Gorilla will automatically issue you an invoice for every purchase you make on the site. To view your invoices, just go to your My Account page and click on the Billing tab.

Note: If you want to add a VAT number to your invoice, there is an option to do this before you make the purchase. See the guidance below:

Option 2:

Pay using a department credit card.

  1. Go to your finance department
  2. Log into your account on their machine
  3. Purchase the tokens online. Make sure you include you institution's VAT number, this will ensure VAT is waived as it is subject to the reverse charge mechanism.
  4. Download the paid invoice (My Account > Billing) from Gorilla and give a copy to the finance team. It will have all the details they need on it.

Option 3:

If you purchase a team subscription, we can issue you an invoice in advance of the purchase. Prices start at £1,000.

To receive pricing for our team subscriptions, fill out our pricing form and get the information emailed straight to you!

Academic Pricing

What are your academic rates?

Academic researchers can purchase tokens at a discounted rate of £0.75 per token - simply sign up to Gorilla with an academic (i.e. or .edu) email address to receive this discount. If you believe you should qualify for the academic rate, and this hasn’t been set on your account automatically, please contact our support desk who will be able to help you further.

If you are planning to conduct a large study or if you would be interested in a team subscription, you may be able to obtain further discounts.

Lab and Team Subscriptions

If several people in your lab or team will be using Gorilla, you can reduce costs by buying a lab subscription! This allows multiple people to have access to the same pool of tokens.

Our subscriptions take the same one-token-per-participant approach, but as you are bulk purchasing tokens you are able to access a heavily discounted rate.

Members of your lab (each with their own Gorilla account) would be added as members of your lab subscription. This would give them the ability to request tokens from the subscription for their own study. Some labs like to work this way to share the tokens between them. You could also do this across several labs.

Department Subscription

If several research groups or student cohorts want to use Gorilla, then you can reduce costs by buying a departmental subscription.

We have subscriptions that can suit any budget, with a flexible approach which mean you can be confident that you won't miss out on the best deal.

If you would like to receive pricing for our department or lab subscriptions, you can fill out our pricing form and get the information emailed straight to you!

Request a Quote

Contact us at to discuss a quote for your team or department. It’s useful if you can let us know the size of your team or department (students and researchers) and - if you have an idea - how many participants you are likely to collect data from in a year.


If you're buying a large number of tokens (over 1000), purchasing one of our subscriptions will save you money. See the previous tab or our pricing page for more information.

Referral scheme

Every time you refer a friend or colleague to Gorilla, each of you will receive 20 match funded tokens. These essentially give you a 50% discount on future purchases.


We offer a bespoke consultancy service. We can help you to build a specific experiment with tools that already exist in Gorilla, or we can make your experiment possible by building a new feature.

Prices start at around £500 + VAT. If you are interested, please get in touch with us ( and we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Recruitment Services

Gorilla is an experiment builder - it allows you to build and deploy your experiment in an online environment with ease. However, it isn’t a participant recruitment service. That's a very different kind of service - which requires very different skills - and so we leave that to expert participant recruitment services.

Gorilla is designed to work with participant recruitment services. Some that tend to be favoured by behavioural scientists include Prolific, Sona, mTurk, Qualtrics and Dynadata. However, Gorilla should work with any good recruitment service.

We also provide a variety of ways to recruit participants yourself by sending a simple link, or sending custom links by email.

Find out more

What are your rates for the public sector?

If you work in the public sector, you will be able to buy tokens at a discounted rate of £1.25 per token. If you are planning to conduct a large study or if you would be interested in a team subscription, you may be able to obtain further discounts.

Can I buy tokens in any currency?

Tokens can be bought in USD, GBP and EUR. Your currency should be automatically updated based on your location - if you have any problems with this, let us know at