How to: Sharing


Find out more about sharing your Gorilla tasks, questionnaires and experiments here


You can send tasks, questionnaires and experiments to other Gorilla users. When you do so they get a copy of that version of the asset that you send. If you make new versions, they do not get access to these. Any changes they make to their copy, do not impact your copies. If you send an experiment, they will be able to make copies of all of the assets within the experiment.

To send a Gorilla asset:

  1. Go to the asset that you want to send
  2. On the top right - next to the 'Preview' button - click on the settings menu
  3. The third option down is send

If someone has sent you a Gorilla asset, you will find it in your library which is accessible from your dashboard.


You can collaborate with other Gorilla users by adding them to a project. They will be able to see the same content as you within the project and will have the access rights that you give them.

To add a collaborator to your project:

  1. Go to the project that you want to collaborate on
  2. On the top right - next to the '+ Create' button - click on the settings menu
  3. The first option down is collaborate. Click on it.
  4. Type the name of your collaborator into the text entry box and add them
  5. Once added, you can decide what access rights to give them.

The project will turn up in their list of projects.

The project owner is the user who originally created the task. Only project owners can change the recruitment policy and the recruitment target. This means that tokens for the project must come from the project owner's account. This prevents collaborators from using the tokens of the project owner without permission, and from taking advantage of any departmental subscription the project owner has.

If you experience problems editing your task after collaboration, see our Troubleshooting page.