We help ambi­tious behav­iour­al sci­ence stu­dents cre­ate and host online exper­i­ments easily

  •   Easy-to-use graph­i­cal inter­face — no cod­ing necessary.
  •   Col­lect behav­iour­al data with accu­rate reac­tion times.
  •   Build for free. Pay per respondent.

Hit The Ground Run­ning

Say good­bye to hours of frus­tra­tion get­ting your study to work, weeks of face-to-face test­ing and stress­ful all-nighters. Whether you’re study­ing for your under­grad, mas­ters or PhD, Gorilla enables you to run stud­ies online quick­ly and easily.

Cre­ate ques­tion­naires, build tasks and design exper­i­ments all with­in our clear, intu­itive, graph­i­cal inter­face. No cod­ing required.

Build your tasks
and questionnaires 

Design your experiment

Con­fig­ure your recruitment


Down­load your data

Picture of Student Hannah Betts

Han­nah Betts

PhD Stu­dent, Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege London

“Gorilla is designed for psy­chol­o­gists, so it has all the rel­e­vant options. I’ve found it real­ly easy to use and very flexible.”

UCL Case Study

Ace Your Dissertation

Reach For The Stars

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. Gorilla removes the stum­bling blocks and lets your sci­en­tif­ic skills shine through.


Con­fig­ure your exper­i­ment and deploy it to the world instant­ly. With access to a plan­et­ful of online par­tic­i­pants ready to take part, you can col­lect your data in a frac­tion of the time it would take in the lab.


Say good­bye to under­pow­ered stud­ies. Gorilla enables you to recruit far larg­er par­tic­i­pant num­bers, so you can be sure that you’re see­ing real effects.


Stop being WEIRD. Need more diverse par­tic­i­pants? Or look­ing to study a spe­cif­ic demo­graph­ic? Use Goril­la’s seam­less inte­gra­tion with recruit­ment ser­vices such as Pro­lif­ic, MTurk and SONA to reach diverse or spe­cif­ic pop­u­la­tions and meet your recruit­ment goals.

Aimee Wilde

PhD Stu­dent, Uni­ver­si­ty of Middlesex

“As a Behav­iour­al Eco­nom­ics MSc stu­dent study­ing an inten­sive one year course along­side full-time work, Gorilla has been invalu­able. I have no idea how I would have setup my exper­i­ment with­out the plat­form and its amaz­ing team! It’s real­ly great to use what­ev­er level your cod­ing skills are. If you know a lit­tle bit of css/html, you can use this in the main Task Edi­tor to cus­tomise exist­ing tem­plates. If you’re more advanced, the Code Edi­tor inter­face gives you great flex­i­bil­i­ty in using html/javascript etc. so you can real­ly push your exper­i­men­tal design forward.”

Ace your research project with Gorilla

Copy clas­sic psy­chol­o­gy tasks straight into your study

Gorilla has a data­base of clas­sic tasks ready for you to try out and copy into your own stud­ies! We have ver­sions of the Stroop task, mem­o­ry tasks, flanker tasks, and a Big Five per­son­al­i­ty trait ques­tion­naire, among many others

Eas­i­ly cre­ate com­plex exper­i­men­tal designs

When you cre­ate an exper­i­ment in Gorilla, you add build­ing blocks called nodes, which allow you to ran­domise and coun­ter­bal­ance your con­di­tions, branch your par­tic­i­pants, and set par­tic­i­pant quo­tas, among other tools!

Col­lab­o­rate and share projects

Gorilla lets you share projects with other users, allow­ing seam­less col­lab­o­ra­tion between you and your class­mates — group projects just got so much easier!

Read our ‘How to write an under­grad­u­ate dis­ser­ta­tion in psy­chol­o­gy’ guide

We promise you greater effi­cien­cy, fewer headaches and data skills that will be val­ued in industry

Win tokens for your PhD research project

We run an annu­al com­pe­ti­tion for PhD stu­dents and early career researchers (Gorilla Grants) for tokens to run your own research project. Sign up for an account and reg­is­ter your inter­est to make sure you don’t miss the announcement

Read about other stu­dents’ expe­ri­ences using Gorilla

Our Spot­lights page con­tains tes­ti­mo­ni­als from lots of Gorilla users

Alex Hendry

PhD Stu­dent, Kings Col­lege London

“Gorilla lets me take my exper­i­ments online quick­ly and effi­cient­ly. The clear and straight­for­ward inter­face allows me to map out the logic of my exper­i­men­tal designs, whilst its mod­u­lar nature helps me to build and test com­po­nents as I go. Tak­ing my research online will dra­mat­i­cal­ly increase my sam­ple size, and help me to reach groups under-rep­re­sent­ed in my field.”

Light The Fuse

Gorilla is free to start using — you only pay to col­lect data from par­tic­i­pants. You can sign up and start build­ing your exper­i­ment today.

Goril­la’s pay per par­tic­i­pant model makes small stud­ies very afford­able — to recruit 20 par­tic­i­pants costs less than a round of drinks.

Under­grad­u­ate Projects

Mas­ters Dissertation

PhD The­sis

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