Resources for Online Behavioral Research

Why rein­vent the wheel when there’s a per­fect­ly fine moon buggy for you to use?

Every­one who’s think­ing about taking their behavioral research online is asking dif­fer­ent ques­tions. And a lot of those are already answered.


No need to con­tin­ue scratch­ing your head, just take and use what you need from our col­lec­tion. And if you still have ques­tions we would be delight­ed to chat with you.

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Buyers Guide Online Task Builder

Buyers Guide to Online Behav­iour­al Experiment Builders

This Buyers Guide con­tains the top 7 impor­tant fea­tures of an online experiment builder.

Letting Go of the Illu­sion of Control

You can neither control par­tic­i­pants in a lab nor online. Learn how to work around not being able to control par­tic­i­pant attention.


Satisfy your Sample Requirements

Before build­ing out online exper­i­ments with Gorilla you want to make sure that the par­tic­i­pant pool meets all the cri­te­ria you need. Here’s how to make sure.

Programming in Gorilla

Pro­gram­ming in Online Behavioral Science

Pro­gram­ming knowl­edge can help, but it can also detract you from focus­ing on the impor­tant parts of your research. Here’s how to know when to del­e­gate the coding.

Birkbeck Case Study

How researchers are using Gorilla to super­charge their research

Find out how other researchers are using Gorilla to collect quality data using the fast and simple way.

Gorilla for Researchers

Gorilla for Researchers (PDF)

Need a print­able overview of Gorilla to hand your col­leagues? Look no further.


How to Collect Great Data Online

Here are nine top tips to opti­mize your data quality when col­lect­ing data remote­ly. Down­load our tip sheet How to Collect Great Data Online as a PDF here.


Timing in Gorilla

This paper gives a good overview of the issues involved in online research, and con­tains a detailed section on timing and the main sources for inaccuracies.

How to pilot your online study

Three Con­sid­er­a­tions When Pilot­ing Your Study

Emily Breese shows you how to pilot your research. A quick, insight­ful 15-minute watch.

How UCL transformed their psychology syllabus with Gorilla

How UCL uses Gorilla to trans­form their psy­chol­o­gy syllabus

Find out how UCL trans­formed their Research Methods course with Gorilla and enabled their under­grad­u­ates to do real science in their first year.

Jo Evershed

Book a Demo

Come join us for a short and friend­ly demon­stra­tion to learn whether Gorilla will help you or not.

Gorilla for Teaching

Gorilla for Teach­ing (PDF)

Need a print­able overview of Gorilla to hand your faculty members? Look no further.

10 reasons why task builders are better than writing code

10 Reasons for Task Builders

Some­times people shy away from task builder because they think that writing code is “doing it right” and any­thing else is “cheat­ing”. Nope!


5 Top Tips for Online Experiments

Think­ing of running an online experiment? To do it right from the start, down­load our 5 Top Tips for Online Exper­i­ments as a PDF here.


The State of Online Behavioral Research

Gorilla and Pro­lif­ic ana­lyzed data from over one million par­tic­i­pants to dis­cov­er what it tells us about online research.

Jamie Adams

One-to-One Study Mapping Session with Dr Jamie Adams

Stumped on how to start taking your par­a­digm online? Dr. Jamie Adams has helped dozens of people make their online behavioral research a success.