Increase data quality by boost­ing participant

atten­tion, moti­va­tion and engage­ment.

The Gorilla Game Builder enables you to go beyond tra­di­tion­al lab-based exper­i­ments with ease! 

  • Create edu­ca­tion­al games to engage stu­dents and improve their learning
  • Turn boring and repet­i­tive psy­chol­o­gy tasks into fun and excit­ing games
  • Test hypothe­ses that would­n’t be pos­si­ble using tra­di­tion­al exper­i­men­tal designs
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UCL Case Study

Game Builder Showcase

Pasquale E. Rummo

Dr Niko Steinbeis

Inde­pen­dent ERC Research Fellow, UCL

“They trained for 10 minutes on the game, four times a week for 8 weeks. Overall, par­tic­i­pants com­plet­ed around 4,000 trials in total—and report­ed that they still enjoyed the game.”

Dis­cov­er how Dr Niko Stein­beis gam­i­fied train­ing to improve cog­ni­tive control in children.


Gamify Your Tasks

Learn what Gorilla Game Builder can do
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Inter­est­ed in Gam­i­fied research?

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A research plat­form for study­ing how groups of people think, feel and behave togeth­er in groups. It works as an app that people can access with their smart­phone. After…



The number beads game devel­ops addi­tion and sub­trac­tion maths skills in primary school kids. The minimal artwork is by design — to allow chil­dren to only focus on the…

Trea­sure Collector

Trea­sure Collector

Niko Stein­bas at UCL com­mis­sion us to create a series of Go/NoGo games that could be used to train exec­u­tive func­tion. These games are designed to be played by kids…

Dr Joshua Balsters

Dr Josh Balsters

Lec­tur­er, Royal Hol­loway, Uni­ver­si­ty of London

“The game ele­ments are a lot of fun here as you get stars and fire­works when you win vs a harsh buzzer and smoke when you don’t. This made the game much more engag­ing and enjoy­able for par­tic­i­pants, which helped recruit­ment. I def­i­nite­ly would use gam­i­fied tasks in the future.