To your participants Gorilla Shop Builder looks like a normal online shop, but behind the scenes you wield a powerful research tool to liberate your lab.


  • ✔ Test a wide range of consumer decision making hypotheses in a realistic online shop.
  • ✔ Your own powerful and easy-to-use Shop Builder tool designed for behavioural research.
  • ✔ Connect your shopping task with an IAT or personality questionnaire, all in the Gorilla Ecosystem.
  • ✔ Join a community of researchers engaging in translational studies.
Pasquale E. Rummo

Pasquale Rummo

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health, NYU

“The Shop Builder looks more professional and realistic, so it increases the generalizability of our
results. It’s also easy to use. To be honest, it’s a godsend!”

Optimized for Research

Front End Experience - Shop Builder

Front End Experience: To your participant this looks like a normal online shop to maximise ecological validity.

Back End Experience - Shop Builder

Back End Configuration: Behind the scenes there’s a whole world of research tools to liberate your lab.

Designed for Behavioural Research

Our Shop Builder tool is designed for behavioural research. So you have all the manipulations you need to test your hypotheses.

Upload your own product set. Apply taxes and subsidies. Changes label and apply nudges. And many more features!

All with no coding required to you get to focus on the science, instead of getting bogged down in programming.

Part of the Gorilla Ecosystem

The Shop Builder is part of the Gorilla ecosystem, allowing you to run your whole experiment in one easy to use tool.

Want to add a personality scale or an attentional task before your purchasing task? Simple!

Want to randomise the order of your questionnaires and shopping task? Easy!

Join a community of researchers

Our Shop Builder tool is being adopted by research groups around the word.

By joining our community of researchers you’ll never be without colleagues, collaborators or reviewers that understand (and enhance) your methodology.

Prepare students for a bright future

Our shop builder is so easy to use that marketing and consumer psychology students can learn applied research methods skills from the very start of their degree.

Equip students with extraordinarily valuable transferable skills that they’ll thank you for in their future careers.

Get started with Shop Builder

Gorilla Shop Builder is an add-on of your current lab or department subscription and starts from £5,000 per year.

Contact us per email or call us (+44 208 242 4778) to learn more and activate Gorilla Shop Builder in your account.