We help ambitious behavioural science lecturers create and host online experiments easily

  •   Easy-to-use graphical interface – no coding necessary.
  •   Collect behavioural data with accurate reaction times.
  •   Build for free. Pay per respondent.

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Free yourself up to teach science, not programming. With Gorilla, your students can create questionnaires, build tasks and design experiments all within our clear, intuitive, graphical interface. There is no coding required, so your students can do real science right away and you can focus on the topics that matter.

Better student projects

First-hand experience of experimental design

Reduced dependancy on labs and facilities

Dozens of samples and classic tasks available out-of-the-box

Exceptional practical teaching

Dr Daniel Richardson

Reader in Cognitive Science, University College London

“We used Gorilla as an integral part of our 1st and 2nd year undergraduate teaching of Research Methods. Though entirely new to psychology, by the end of their first month 1st year students were able to create stimuli and design experiments to test their own hypotheses, using modified versions of the Implicit Attitudes Test. This hands on experience of experimental design and data interpretation generated insightful learning conversations about process of empirical psychology.

This experience would typically not be available to psychology students until the lab component of the 2nd year of their course, but with Gorilla, we were able to build it in to the class room from the outset. The students investigated 26 primary hypotheses of their own creation from social stereotypes connected to downs’ syndrome to implicit attitudes towards people of different faiths as well as numerous secondary hypotheses. Running the experiment online via their social networks, the class collected data from over 1500 participants.”

UCL Case Study

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Set The Agenda

As well as the Questionnaire Builder, Task Builder and Experiment Builder tools, Gorilla contains a set of dedicated teacher tools. Create modules and assignments that follow your course, and add example tasks, questionnaires and experiments for your students to use as reference. Your students can then submit their work online for you to review.

Create sample materials for your students to use

Create modules and assignments that follow your lectures

Set your students loose and watch them get creative


Review their work online

Dr Jenny Rodd

Senior Lecturer, University College London

“Massively impressed with Gorilla. Logged on for the first time yesterday lunchtime. Had a demo experiment ready for students to adapt by 6pm the same day.”

Prepare students for modern behavioural research

Gorilla is an excellent teaching tool. It can help students to understand and experience classic tasks, collaborate on complex research projects, and collect questionnaire and task data ready for analysis

Find out how UCL uses Gorilla to introduce research methods to first year Psychology students, turning the “final project” paradigm on its head

Read about how remote and evening-study students at Birkbeck University used Gorilla’s easy virtual collaboration tools to carry out novel research

Check out some classic tasks that have already been built in Gorilla. Cloning these examples into a project can be a great way for students to get started!

Share resources with lecturers and students from other universities on our Open Materials database

Dr Stephanie Lazzaro

Senior Teaching Fellow, University College London

“Gorilla has helped make teaching and learning research methods both innovative and engaging. Students get to explore their ideas, focus on experimental design and test their own hypotheses without getting bogged down in difficult programming. Thanks to the ease of use, students can explore their own research questions from day one. The administrative side is a breeze, and it’s always exciting to see what they’ve come up with!”

Sow The Seeds

From the first few lectures to an ambitious third-year project, Gorilla brings your students closer to the science and saves you precious time.

There are many services we offer to help you learn more about using Gorilla for teaching and how it can help your department. Contact us to discuss your needs or arrange a demonstration.

Read about the UCL experience of using Gorilla with undergraduate students here.

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