Gorilla Grants for Behavioral Researchers

Are you trying to conduct pio­neer­ing research, but feel like you’re stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to tech­nol­o­gy? Time to turbo-charge your research!

With this grant we’re putting you back in the dri­ver’s seat, offer­ing you the tools you need to shift your research from zero to sixty, faster than you can say “data col­lec­tion”. Gorilla Experiment Builder allows you to build reac­tion time tasks with an easy-to-use GUI: https://gorilla.sc/gorilla-task-builder-in-a-nutshell/.

We’re offer­ing free access to all of the Gorilla tools. This grant is meant to enable access for early career researchers (PhD+ 5 years), PhD stu­dents and post­docs who want to take their research online or use our cutting edge tools (like Shop Builder, Game Builder, Mul­ti­play­er or our Experiment Builder) but haven’t been able so far.


Gorilla Grants at a glance:

  • Prizes for Winners: 5 grants that each include a 1‑year Researcher Stan­dard Sub­scrip­tion, £300 in cash from Gorilla (for example, to buy extra tokens)
  • Career stage: PhD, Post­doc­tor­al and Early Career Researchers (PhD+5 years adjust­ed for parental leave).
  • Where your university/host organ­i­sa­tion is based: Anywhere!
  • Con­di­tion: You can only apply if you are not part of a wider Gorilla subscription.
  • Submit: Your research pro­pos­al (max. 500 words), how winning this grant would help you (max. 150 words) and your contact infor­ma­tion — all until the 26th of November.
  • Come for the tokens, stay for the hap­pi­ness, pros­per­i­ty, and ever­last­ing success! Check out how pre­vi­ous winners from 2019 and 2020 as well as from the Bishop Prize 2022 have done.


And a little extra:

We will send a sur­prise parcel to the uni­ver­si­ty with the most grant appli­ca­tions, in addi­tion to a talk from us for your depart­ment about the future of Open Science.



The Gorilla Grants 2023 are now closed. If you’re inter­est­ed in apply­ing in the future, you can still reg­is­ter inter­est below.




Can I apply more than once?
Due to high levels of inter­est and in the inter­est of fair­ness, we’re restrict­ing appli­ca­tions to one per person.

How and when will the winners be decided?
Members of the Gorilla team will blind review and score each entry. We’ll email every­one who’s applied to let you know the results by mid December.

PS: Unable to apply for these grants? Sign up for the waiting list for our Gorilla Lottery.

PPS: If you are looking for dis­counts or free tokens in general, this article may be of interest.

Gorilla Experiment Builder is a cloud-based research plat­form that allows researchers and stu­dents to quickly and easily create and deploy behav­iour­al (reac­tion-time) exper­i­ments online.