Introducing Gorilla Presents

A new webinar series all about behavioural science online

Every month we will be inviting a panel of experts to discuss a hot topic in the field of online behavioural science.

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Continue reading to learn more about upcoming webinars as well as topics we discussed in the past.

Coming Up:

Gorilla Presents: Speech Production Research Online

On the 29th of April at 8 PM (GMT) we will be talking about moving speech production research online, with particular emphasis on best practises for recording speech using Gorilla’s Audio Recording Zone.

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Expert Panel


Dr Neil Kirk

Neil is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer at Abertay University. You can read more about his research on his website MIND Your Languages | Home | Abertay University Dundee | Scotland 

Dr Emma James

Emma is a postdoctoral researcher at University of Oxford. Check out her website ( for wonderful blogs (including one about using Gorilla’s Audio Recording Zone). You can also read her recent preprint here – The role of prior lexical knowledge in children’s and adults’ word learning from stories

Dr Abbie Bradshaw

Abbie is a postdoctoral researcher at UCL VoCoLab investigating the social neuroscience of voices.

Anne Vogt

Anne is a PhD student studying at Humboldt University of Berlin. You can read her wonderful preprint here – Internet based language production research with overt articulation: Proof of concept, challenges, and practical advice


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