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Careers In Behvioural Science

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In this webinar we hear from three behavioural science professionals about the work they do, their journeys from academia into industry, and some top tips for anyone considering a career change.

If you are interested in using Gorilla for commercial research, this may be of interest to you, too.

With the help of our experts:

Lisa J. Knoll

Director of Data Science, CASAFARI

With the goal to work at a PR agency, Lisa studied linguistics, media science and art history in Berlin. While attending a lecture on child cognitive development she discovered her interest in science. Following her curiosity, she convinced her university professor to allow her to write her final thesis in collaboration with the Max-Planck-institute for human cognitive and brain sciences in Leipzig. Later taking a PhD in neuroscience and in order to continue her interest in this field, she joined the lab of Prof. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore at the institute of cognitive neuroscience at UCL in London. While she enjoyed her time at academia, she felt that she was curious about a career in Tech. Lisa started as a manager in data science at an internal consulting company, where she helped clients to discover the value of their data and how to use machine-learning to optimise and automate their businesses. Now, she is living in Portugal and works as a director of data science for a rising property tech start-up.

Adam Flitton

Senior Behavioural Economist, Allianz

I’m a senior behavioral economist at Allianz, focusing on using principles from behavioral science to improve decision-making. In my role I design, test and roll-out scalable solutions that deliver behavior change. Before my current role I was head of behavioral science in a global consultancy in the UK, where I led behavior change projects across sectors. I am a psychologist by training, having finished my PhD in 2018.

Angelo Larocca

Head of Behavioural Design, Digital Attitude

After earning my MSc in Well-Being Psychology at the Catholic University in Milan, I started working in the field of personal and organizational change, with a strong focus on the relationship between people and technology. Along with my professional activities, I also love delivering seminars about change and behavioral design: I was lucky enough to speak at Italian and international universities, as well as different Business Schools and events.

I’m part of Digital Attitude since 2017, and I’m now the Head of Behavioral Design. I coordinate the activities of the Habits Studio team, creating impactful and transformational experiences for our users. With the amazing people in my team, we focus on the behavioral part of our Habit-Inspiring Platform, hi. We give hi her behavior and «personality», leveraging behavioral change and coaching logics, and her voice, realizing content to shape users’ behaviors and change their habits.

I’m always on the lookout to further develop my skills, and I think life is a never-ending learning journey: that’s why I’ve obtained a certification in Behavioral Design from the Behavioural Design Academy, I specialized in UX Management at the Nielsen/Norman Group, and got certified as a LIFO® and PROSCI® practitioner.