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Gorilla is a tools-first platform. We believe that everything you do in Gorilla should be via a clear, intuitive interface, allowing you to configure your tasks and experiments quickly and easily.

We also recognise that cutting edge scientists need complete flexibility to do something novel. So there's always the option to add your own code to supplement the core functionality of Gorilla.

Click next to see how the various tools in Gorilla work together to create a complete development platform for all your research needs.

Task Builder

Design sophisticated tasks using our intuitive task builder.

Lay out the task and trial structure using a point-and-click interface and then specify the trial content via a spreadsheet.

Present text, images, audio and video clips. Provide feedback based on accuracy. Collect key presses, button clicks, reaction times, and many more response options!

Gorilla contains many samples and classic tasks all ready to be used out-of-the-box.

  • Wide range of stimuli types
  • Wide range of response options
  • Precise, accurate timing


Questionnaire Builder

Author questionnaires to collect consent, demographic information and any other questions you may have for your participants.

Create your questionnaire by selecting from our wide selection of widgets. The live preview ensures you know exactly what your questionnaire will look like and how it will behave.


Experiment Builder

Link questionnaires and tasks together using our intuitive, drag-and-drop tree interface.

Use powerful control nodes to add counterbalancing, randomisation and branching to your experiment.

Use repeat and delay nodes to design a longitudinal or training study.

The result: a well-controlled experiment without touching a line of code.

See more experiment designs.



Recruit your own participants, or integrate seamlessly with specialist recruitment services such as Prolific.

Monitor your participants' progress through your experiment from the participant dashboard.

Reach your participants more easily than ever using our automated emailing tools.


Set Requirements

Screen out your participants by country, prevent them from using certain devices or browsers, or make sure they have a good enough connection.


Recruitment Targets

Set a target for recruitment, and get notified when all your participants are complete.

Automatically screen out participants who don't complete your protocol.


Download your data

Download your data in csv format from the results dashboard. From there you can follow your normal workflow be that in Excel, SPSS, R or any other package. Performance data has one trial per line for easy pivoting in Excel.

Participant and performance data is downloaded separately in compliance with BPS guidelines.


Share your creations

Share your work with colleagues and collaborators.

Encourage replications by publishing your experiments, tasks and questionnaires for use by the scientific community.

Bolster your grant applications by mocking up a few trials of your novel task as a live demonstration.


Programming in Gorilla

While Gorilla is a tools-first platform, you can easily enhance and extend its capabilities with your own JavaScript code. You can still use the experiment tree, task builder, questionnaire tool, and the rest of the Gorilla ecosystem, and only write the code you need.

Code Editor

Program your own tasks in the Code Editor. You can import third-party libraries to build your own task from scratch, or alternatively import tasks built in other frameworks.

Task Builder Scripting

The Task Builder allows you to add your own scripts to augment its behaviour. You can implement complex counterbalancing or rewrite the spreadsheet at runtime to pick from a subset of stimuli, while still benefiting from the editing tools that the Task Builder offers.

Questionnaire Scripting

The Questinnaire Builder allows you to add your own scripts to customise or enhance your questionnaires.

Professional Quality

Version Control

Each set of changes you make is stored as a standalone version, so you can save a working copy of a task or experiment before trying out something new.


The Gorilla Team is on hand to fix problems and answer questions. We also do regular video guides, have extensive, searchable documentation, and are available for demos, workshops and consultancy.


Gorilla uses modern browser features to ensure timing is as accurate as possible. Details about Gorilla's approach to timing are detailed in this article

Fully Hosted

Gorilla is professionally hosted on Microsoft Azure with servers and databases located with the EU (Republic of Ireland). It is configured to scale dynamically, handle sudden bursts of traffic, and is automatically backed up.


Gorilla uses up-to-date cryptography, end-to-end SSL and realtime database encryption to ensure that your work is secure and meets ethical requirements.


Cauldron, the company behind Gorilla, has years of experience working with researchers and universities. We are fully incorporated in the UK and fully insured in compliance with University regulations.

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