Online experiments and bots – what can be done?

We understand that many users can be worried about bots taking part in the questionnaires, tasks, and experiments.

We’ve collated some great articles that explain many asked about questions about bots – the why, how, and where?

Bot checks already available for Gorilla

We don’t see any evidence of bots on your site, but for those who want to be extra cautious, we have a collection of sample bot check examples on our samples page, found here.

You can choose from a variety of pre-created tasks that can be placed in the experiment tree and act as bot checks to help ease your mind about the quality of data collected.

Bot checks pre-made in Gorilla samples:

  • Anagram Task – Click the scrambled letters in the right order to make a word.
  • Naming Task – Name the animal in the picture!
  • Real Effort Number Counting – Count how many zeroes appear in a grid. This is a classic real effort task. The grid is shown as an image, to make it more bot proof.
  • Sentence Unscrambling Task – Click the scrambled words in the right order to make a sentence.
  • Visual Search – Can you find the cat among the dogs?
  • Rating Scale – Select ‘Strongly Agree’ on a Likert scale.
  • Click a Colour – Choose a colour from the list of words.