We under­stand that many users can be worried about bots taking part in the ques­tion­naires, tasks, and experiments.

We’ve col­lat­ed some great arti­cles that explain many asked about ques­tions about bots — the why, how, and where?

Bot checks already avail­able for Gorilla

We don’t see any evi­dence of bots on your site, but for those who want to be extra cau­tious, we have a col­lec­tion of sample bot check exam­ples on our samples page, found here.

You can choose from a variety of pre-created tasks that can be placed in the experiment tree and act as bot checks to help ease your mind about the quality of data collected.

Bot checks pre-made in Gorilla samples:

  • Anagram Task — Click the scram­bled letters in the right order to make a word.
  • Naming Task — Name the animal in the picture!
  • Real Effort Number Count­ing — Count how many zeroes appear in a grid. This is a classic real effort task. The grid is shown as an image, to make it more bot proof.
  • Sen­tence Unscram­bling Task — Click the scram­bled words in the right order to make a sentence.
  • Visual Search — Can you find the cat among the dogs?
  • Rating Scale — Select ‘Strong­ly Agree’ on a Likert scale.
  • Click a Colour — Choose a colour from the list of words.