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In our local [Berlin] zoo a real Gorilla, Bibi, has just had babies. With Gorilla support I feel just as safe and welcome as these tiny sweeties do in Bibi's arms.

Katharina Kühne Potsdam University

Gorilla beats every other tool I used (and I have used a lot!)

Shane LindsayUniversity of Hull

I love Gorilla as experiment builder software so much that we're transitioning our in-lab studies to this too (leaving behind E-Prime, SuperLab, and PsychoPy).

Rachel TheodoreUniversity of Connecticut

Massively impressed with Gorilla. Logged on for the first time yesterday lunchtime. Had a demo expt ready for students to adapt by 6pm the same day.

Jenni Rodd, Senior LecturerUCL

My Director and I think that your Gorilla platform is excellent. It took me only two days (with no prior experience) to set up the Experiment from start to finish, with a somewhat complex structure for a list experiment. We will definitely do our online experiments on your platform going forward.

Alain VandormaelHeidelberg Institute of Global Health

Wow, I love Gorilla... Was just messing around trying to see if it could do what we needed for a project, ended up creating an entire demo version complete with all counterbalancing ready for the real stimuli to be added later. It's so intuitive and clear. Well done Gorilla!

Priya SilversteinUniversity of Surrey

Never thought data collection online could be so easy! Thanks to Gorilla for creating a quick and easy solution to online data collection!

Jason GellerUniversity of Iowa

There are few things in academia that I recommend so wholeheartedly. You managed to create a platform different than anything else that's available. It's so intuitive and yet versatile and powerful. Well done and thank you for your great work!

Albertyna PaciorekWarszawski Uni

We have our first paper currently under review, which just wouldn't have been feasible without Gorilla. Thanks for everything you do!

Jim GrangeHead of School, Keele University

Gorilla has quite literally saved my PhD! Everyone I've shown it to has been astonished by how easy it is to set up an experiment.

Emily BreeseOpen University

I used Gorilla to build my MRes experiments which involve participants having their attention trained whilst I measure their reaction times. The program is flexible, easy to use, and the Gorilla support team are fantastic!

Thea HouseMacquarie University

I finally had some time to sit through the experiment again yesterday and it looks absolutely amazing! And I’m even more amazed that it took me less than two weeks to set it all up. Thanks for making this possible!

Eva Poort UCL

Gorilla lets me take my experiments online quickly and efficiently. The clear and straightforward interface allows me to map out the logic of my experimental designs, whilst its modular nature helps me to build and test components as I go. Taking my research online will dramatically increase my sample size, and help me to reach groups under-represented in my field.

Alexandra HendryKings College London

The interface for building experiments is very clean and easy to use, even for really complex designs (e.g., counterbalancing, different components, branching based on performance in a given task, redirecting back to Prolific). I can't say enough good things about their support documentation for researchers; it's quite lovely.

Rachel TheodoreUniversity of Connecticut

I was a first year PhD student. I needed to create a task which was going to be a real headache. I had to contact the researchers at MIT who had designed it, ask them for their super specific stimuli (which required highly specialised recording equipment to produce), and then design the task exactly as it was written out in their publication. This was my first experiment and I was so stressed out. The surprise? Someone had already built the exact task in Gorilla and shared it on Open Materials. I cloned it and texted my supervisor, 'Done! What next?

Amira KorkorQueen Mary University of London

Gorilla allows us to efficiently collect large, diverse samples of participants that are often unfeasible to obtain in the lab. The task builder makes it possible to build pilot experiments within a short space of time, while also allowing the flexibility to implement more sophisticated psychophysical designs.

Max RollwageThe MetaLab, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL

As a Behavioural Economics MSc student studying an intensive one year course alongside full-time work, Gorilla has been invaluable. I have no idea how I would have setup my experiment without the platform and its amazing team! It’s really great to use whatever level your coding skills are. If you know a little bit of css/html, you can use this in the main Task Editor to customise existing templates. If you’re more advanced, the Code Editor interface gives you great flexibility in using html/javascript etc. so you can really push your experimental design forward.

Aimee WildeUniversity of Middlesex

Gorilla is designed for psychologists, so it has all the relevant options. I've found it really easy to use and very flexible.

Hannah BettsUCL

Gorilla rescued my dissertation! They have the best support team in the world. My experiment required too many customized functions, which is quite time-consuming. However, Gorilla helped me to achieve everything! In order to have a clear understanding of my demand, they arranged a Skype meeting with me and coached me step by step. They reviewed my codes and answered my questions with great patience. Honestly, they are like my second-supervisor. I deeply appreciate this wonderful platform and amazing team!

Muhang LiUCL

The traditional ways for higher education students to memorize and recall materials in the visual domains (e.g. in Design & Architecture) can be boring and ineffective. We seek to assist students to learn and engage with visual materials more effectively by utilizing Perceptual Learning (PL). PL refers to experience-induced changes in the extraction of information (Eleanor Gibson, 1969) and it forms the basis of expert pattern recognition ability.

Gorilla is a SaaS platform that lets me focus on designing and implementing learning experiments for PL without worrying about the back-end system. It provides a ground for rapid prototyping of various time-sensitive learning activities for PL. A unique advantage of Gorilla is that it provides reliable time indictors to measure participants’ performances effortlessly.

Gorilla is a great product with a reasonable learning curve and providing great value to researchers conducting online experiments. Thanks for the great support service, too.

Wing Lau Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Thanks for your quick response! It helped us! ... We have made an experiment with help or your excellent program Gorilla. We generated data earlier, it worked perfectly.

Jeroen KustersUniversity of Utrecht

I don't have the words to express how impressed I am with the kindness and speediness of you & your team. Thanks a million. I'm a very happy and loyal customer already and will make sure to recommend Gorilla at my upcoming conference later this month.

Albertyna PaciorekPedagogical University of Krakow

Gorilla is a great tool if you want to run experiments online, because it possesses such a great flexibility; you can design your experiment by simply using the graphical user interface, code the entire experiment in javascript or use a combination of both. This makes it really easy and fast to use - for a wide audience!

Furthermore, the support I have experienced is great: quick, clear and supportive.

Anne-Lene Sax, Wellcome Trust PhD Neural Dynamics University of Bristol

Really, thank you so much for your help. I’m extremely impressed with everything about Gorilla including your flexibility in finding an option that might work for my circumstances.

Barbara HewittUniversity of Glasgow

I'm using Gorilla for a variety of auditory task where participants hear and respond to speech and other sounds. Gorilla is a great platform. Experiments run in web browsers so they can be done anywhere, e.g. an internet-connected computer in the lab or on another continent -- no need to compile code or check out expensive licenses from a server. Gorilla streamlines collaboration. Collaborators can log into their own Gorilla accounts to share and view tasks, make edits to the tasks, check experiment progress and download data. The built-in version control ensures we always know exactly which version of a task was run. Support for the platform is phenomenal -- Cauldron staff respond quickly to questions and have even created custom features and written bespoke code in order to get things running smoothly.

Kyle JasminBirkbeck College

I am used to coding my own tasks and was expecting to have to code a bit on Gorilla for flexibility, but I was able to construct a full experiment in about a week with no issues at all – I was delighted

Camilla NordMRC CBU, University of Cambridge

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