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  •   Collect behav­iour­al data with val­i­dat­ed reac­tion times.
  •   Build for free. Pay for data collection.
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Free your­self up to teach science, not pro­gram­ming. With Gorilla, your stu­dents can create ques­tion­naires, build tasks and design exper­i­ments all within our clear, intu­itive, graph­i­cal inter­face. There is no coding required, so your stu­dents can do real science right away and you can focus on the topics that matter.

Better student projects

First-hand expe­ri­ence of exper­i­men­tal design

Reduced depen­dan­cy on labs and facilities 

Dozens of samples and classic tasks avail­able out-of-the-box

Excep­tion­al prac­ti­cal teaching

Dr Daniel Richardson

Reader in Cog­ni­tive Science, Uni­ver­si­ty College London

“We used Gorilla as an inte­gral part of our 1st and 2nd year under­grad­u­ate teach­ing of Research Methods. Though entire­ly new to psy­chol­o­gy, by the end of their first month 1st year stu­dents were able to create stimuli and design exper­i­ments to test their own hypothe­ses, using mod­i­fied ver­sions of the Implic­it Atti­tudes Test. This hands on expe­ri­ence of exper­i­men­tal design and data inter­pre­ta­tion gen­er­at­ed insight­ful learn­ing con­ver­sa­tions about process of empir­i­cal psychology.

This expe­ri­ence would typ­i­cal­ly not be avail­able to psy­chol­o­gy stu­dents until the lab com­po­nent of the 2nd year of their course, but with Gorilla, we were able to build it in to the class room from the outset. The stu­dents inves­ti­gat­ed 26 primary hypothe­ses of their own cre­ation from social stereo­types con­nect­ed to downs’ syn­drome to implic­it atti­tudes towards people of dif­fer­ent faiths as well as numer­ous sec­ondary hypothe­ses. Running the experiment online via their social net­works, the class col­lect­ed data from over 1500 participants.”

Set The Agenda

As well as the Ques­tion­naire Builder, Task Builder and Experiment Builder tools, Gorilla con­tains a set of ded­i­cat­ed teacher tools. Create modules and assign­ments that follow your course, and add example tasks, ques­tion­naires and exper­i­ments for your stu­dents to use as ref­er­ence. Your stu­dents can then submit their work online for you to review.

Create sample mate­ri­als for your stu­dents to use

Create modules and assign­ments that follow your lectures

Set your stu­dents loose and watch them get creative


Review their work online

Dr Jenny Rodd

Senior Lec­tur­er, Uni­ver­si­ty College London

“Mas­sive­ly impressed with Gorilla. Logged on for the first time yes­ter­day lunchtime. Had a demo experiment ready for stu­dents to adapt by 6pm the same day.”

Prepare stu­dents for modern behav­iour­al research

Gorilla is an excel­lent teach­ing tool. It can help stu­dents to under­stand and expe­ri­ence classic tasks, col­lab­o­rate on complex research projects, and collect ques­tion­naire and task data ready for analysis

Find out how UCL uses Gorilla to intro­duce research methods to first year Psy­chol­o­gy stu­dents, turning the “final project” par­a­digm on its head

People working on a whiteboard
A stack of books

Read about how remote and evening-study stu­dents at Birk­beck Uni­ver­si­ty used Gorilla’s easy virtual col­lab­o­ra­tion tools to carry out novel research

Check out some classic tasks that have already been built in Gorilla. Cloning these exam­ples into a project can be a great way for stu­dents to get started!

Image of a sample task
UCL Case Study

Explore Gorilla Academy, a content library for edu­ca­tors: Video lec­tures cov­er­ing basic and advanced con­cepts, in-depth reviews of papers, step-by-step guides for build­ing tasks and down­load­able data for analy­sis. Feel free to use what you need and save time, so that you can focus on the impor­tant aspects of your work.

Share resources with lec­tur­ers and stu­dents from other uni­ver­si­ties on our Open Mate­ri­als database

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Dr Stephanie Lazzaro

Senior Teach­ing Fellow, Uni­ver­si­ty College London

“Gorilla has helped make teach­ing and learn­ing research methods both inno­v­a­tive and engag­ing. Stu­dents get to explore their ideas, focus on exper­i­men­tal design and test their own hypothe­ses without getting bogged down in dif­fi­cult pro­gram­ming. Thanks to the ease of use, stu­dents can explore their own research ques­tions from day one. The admin­is­tra­tive side is a breeze, and it’s always excit­ing to see what they’ve come up with!”

Sow The Seeds

From the first few lec­tures to an ambi­tious third-year project, Gorilla brings your stu­dents closer to the science and saves you pre­cious time.

There are many ser­vices we offer to help you learn more about using Gorilla for teach­ing and how it can help your depart­ment. Contact us to discuss your needs or arrange a demonstration.

Read about the UCL expe­ri­ence of using Gorilla with under­grad­u­ate stu­dents here.

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