Gorilla Onboard­ing Workshop

Are you new to Gorilla? Do you want to create exper­i­ments quickly and easily, and would benefit from some expert coach­ing to get started?

Our team hosts an onboard­ing work­shop intro­duc­ing you to all the ins and outs of Gorilla, such as:

  • Nav­i­gat­ing around Gorilla
  • Train­ing on our brand new Ques­tion­naire Builder 2
  • Train­ing on our brand new Task Builder 2
  • Walk through the whole experiment process, includ­ing set up and data downloading
  • Access­ing our support infor­ma­tion and support desk

It’s time well spent.

Here’s what atten­dees have to say about the onboard­ing workshop:

“The webinar was a great way to get ori­ent­ed to Gorilla, and the live Q&A was extreme­ly helpful.”

“Very well-rounded, infor­ma­tive intro­duc­tion to Gorilla, with room for even more spe­cial­ized ques­tions! Highly recommended.”

It’s your choice. Ask ques­tions live…

…or watch a recording: