Video Walkthroughs

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You will find 7 carefully chosen videos that take you from creating your first project to launching your online experiment.

Cloning Experiments and Editing Tasks

Learn how to Clone Experiments with updated nodes

Length (mins): 4:43

The Checkpoint Node

How to use the checkpoint node to monitor particpant progress and use this to determine whether to reject or include participants.

Length (mins): 6:41

Launching an Experiment

How to launch an experiment, set the recruitment policy, range the recruitment target, only include participants at the finish node and reject participants that haven't completed the experiment.

Length (mins): 4:32


How to set up manipulations in a task and then used them in the tree to control button order.

Length (mins): 7:38

Mobile Testing: using browser development tools

Quick demonstration of how to use Chrome's browser developer tools to view how your experiment looks on mobiles or tablets.

Length (mins): 1:17

Spreadsheet Manipulations

How to set up and use spreadsheet manipulations to have multiple stimuli sets within the same task

Length (mins): 3:46

Studying with Gorilla: Cloning Assignments

How to clone assignments set by a lecturer. Also how to clone tasks and questionnaires from the library.

Length (mins): 3:23

The Gorilla Teaching Tools Tutorial

How to use the Gorilla Teaching Tools: Create course modules, assignments and add students to your courses

Length (mins): 6:24

Bulk Subscription Management Tools Tutorial.

Are you a Gorilla subscription manager or Technician? Learn how to use Gorilla Bulk Subscription managment Tools in this tutorial video.

Length (mins): 3:05

The Video Zone

How to change a template to show participants a video file - using the Embedded YouTube Video Zone.

Length (mins): 1:22

Troubleshooting: My Screen Is Stuck

What to do when your task appears to get 'stuck' on a screen. Learn 3 ways to get your task moving forward.

Length (mins): 5:47

Show Participants their Scores using Embedded Data

Learn how to use embedded data settings to display participants their scores during a task.

Length (mins): 4:27

Using Embedded Data with Manipulations in Tasks.

Learn how to use embedded data in tasks in conjunction with Task Manipulations. Learn how to correctly set up embedded data Manipulations in the Experiment Tree.

Length (mins): 6:50

Gorilla Task Builder: Creating Screens from Scratch.

Learn how to create your own reaction time Task Screens from scratch in the Gorilla Task Builder.

Length (mins): 2:16

Gorilla Task Builder Scripts: Adding a custom Script to your Task.

Learn about the Gorilla Task Builder Script library and how to add custom scripts into your Task Builder Tasks.

Length (mins): 6:50

Analysing your Gorilla Data: Filtering Data with Excel.

Learn how to use filtering tools within MS Excel to help analyse your Gorilla Data.

Length (mins): 2:51

Analysing your Gorilla Data: Excel Pivot Tables for Beginners

Learn How to set up and use Pivot Tables in MS Excel to help review and analyse your data within minutes.

Length (mins): 4:19

Analysing your Gorilla Data: Pivot Tables and Text Values

Learn how to Pivot Text values using MS Excel Pivot Tables.

Length (mins): 9:27