Advanced Webinar: Script­ing in the Gorilla Task Builder


Do you want to learn basic JavaScript, and use your new knowl­edge to enhance and cus­tomise your Gorilla tasks?

Join the Gorilla team for an session, designed to be acces­si­ble to those who have never pro­grammed before. Featuring:

  • Intro­duc­tion to the basics of JavaScript
  • Live walk­through of writing a Task Builder script in our Task Builder 1
  • Common script­ing mis­takes and how to fix them

“Very clear expla­na­tion of simple coding con­cepts, and it was great to get ques­tions answered on the go. 10/10”

“I’ve never used JavaScript before but I feel like I will have a better under­stand­ing of the Gorilla example scripts now. Very fast-paced but begin­ner friendly!”

You can access and clone the mate­ri­als for the session.

We’ll send you the record­ed version of the Script­ing Webinar after you’ve request­ed it below: