2021 New Prices

Our Story

In the last 18 months, we’ve:
  • Dou­bled our team size
  • Reduced our aver­age sup­port response time
  • Improved our detailed documentation
  • Pub­lished a paper which val­i­dates the tim­ing accu­ra­cy of online research
  • Award­ed 60 PhD stu­dents with Gorilla Grants so that they can achieve their PhD goals
  • Made a huge num­ber of updates to our tools — see our release notes for all the details
We’re proud of how quick­ly we’ve adapt­ed to sup­port researchers from all over the world who have moved online this year.  To allow us to con­tin­ue to expand and improve Gorilla, we’re rais­ing our prices (our first pay-as-you-go price increase since 2017).

New Prices (From April 13th)

All prices are ex VAT or any other applic­a­ble taxes. Lab and Depart­ment sub­scrip­tion prices exclude set up fees (see full pric­ing for details).

For Full Pricing…

Visit our pric­ing page, here.

For full lab and depart­ment pric­ing, fill out our short pric­ing request form to receive our pric­ing PDF and brochure.

If you have any ques­tions, get in touch with us at [email protected].