Pricing Update — October 2022


As of October 2022, we have some new pack­ages to offer which make our excit­ing new tools (Game Builder, Shop Builder and Mul­ti­play­er) much more acces­si­ble. Rest assured that our exist­ing pack­ages still exist, and their prices haven’t changed. Our Researcher and Lab sub­scrip­tions have been renamed to Researcher — Basic and Lab — Basic, but still offer the same core Gorilla func­tion­al­i­ty for the same afford­able prices.
Addi­tion­al­ly, we now have two new licences: Researcher — Stan­dard and Lab — Stan­dard. These cost a little more, but come with all three of our new tools — you can get access to Game Builder, Shop Builder and Mul­ti­play­er all as part of the same package, without having to buy any addons. Check out the pricing page to find out more.
Finally, for depart­ments, we now have pack­ages that offer unlim­it­ed use. Fed up of having to manage token budgets or balance out tokens across your stu­dents? Bored of having to worry about running out mid-year? Upgrade to an unlim­it­ed package and all this melts away. Contact the sub­scrip­tions team for more information.
If you have any queries, do please get in touch! We can always find the right package to fit your needs.