Gorilla Presents…New Tools

Thurs­day 25th Novem­ber, 4–5pm GMT

We’ll be hosting a live demo of our new tools, along with a Q&A session. Reg­is­ter below to save your spot!

    Gorilla Game Builder

     Create edu­ca­tion­al games to engage stu­dents and improve their learning

     Turn boring and repet­i­tive psy­chol­o­gy tasks into fun and excit­ing games

     Test hypothe­ses that wouldn’t be pos­si­ble using tra­di­tion­al exper­i­men­tal designs

    Gorilla Mul­ti­play­er

     Create inter­ac­tive tasks with mul­ti­ple par­tic­i­pants at the same time

    Carry out social and eco­nom­ic research that wouldn’t be pos­si­ble using single-par­tic­i­pant designs

     Inves­ti­gate how behav­iour changes in response to group dynamics