Gorilla Studio

Behavioural Science Consultancy Services

Gorilla Studio is lead by Dr Joshua Balsters.

We can provide a range of services to suit any budget. Academics typically hire us to help with a technical implementation of a project. For commercial clients we're often included at the experimental design stage, and can also take on the data analysis and write up.

To find out more about our consultancy service, please get in touch!

Case Studies

A collection of video showcasing some of our consulting projects are shown below.

Shop Builder Demo

A new tool for creating online shopping experiences to research pricing, labelling, swaps and more

Journey Demo

Questionnaires solicit explicit opinions from participants. To get a better measure of how participants behave, a journey elicitation tool can be used to measure participants decisions. By changing the images, choices and promtps, the journey elicitation tool can be used to understand decision processes in a wide range of circumstances.

Reveal Demo

Here a webpage is replicated within Gorilla, but some of the information is hidded. Participants are given a budget to reveal information and then make a decision. The metrics show what information is shown and the decision made. Read a spotlight interview about one study completed using this methodology.

Biomax Project

Nikhil Sharma at UCL commissioned us to create a series of games that could be used to measure the change in motor function over time. These games would be played on a tablet and are each design to measure a different aspect of motor function.

Gamified Reading Diary App

All Gorilla tasks can be deployed as an app. Here a code task - that seeks to measure and get teenagers to read more - is shown. Each week that students meet their target, they get another clue to solve the murder mystery.

Treasure Game

The treasure game is used to assess and provided remediating training to children with developmental language disorders.

Executive Function Project

Niko Steinbas at UCL commission us to create a series of go-nogo games that could be used to train executive function. These games are designed to be played by kids over 8 weeks with the games constantly adapting to the players level of ability.

Fun Maths: Number Beads

The number beads game develops addition and subtraction maths skills in primary school kids. The minimal artwork is by design - to allow children to only focus on the maths. This game has been trialed in several countries.

Fun Maths: Fractions

The number rods game develops fractions maths skills in primary school kids. The minimal artwork is by design - to allow children to only focus on the maths. This game is being developed as part of a joint project with the Department of Educationin Singapore.

Director Task

Classic psychological tasks can be presented in a way that is more engaging by building them in the Gorilla Game Editor. Here the Director task that assesses Theory of Mind is shown.

The Hive

A research platform for studying how groups of people think, feel and behave together in groups. Find out more about The Hive.